Links to the works of John Ernest Weaver

John Ernest Weaver published many works regarding vegetation and ecology of prairies. He was a pioneer in the study of root systems of native prairie vegetation as well as crop plants.

Papers of John E. Weaver (1884-1956) hosted by University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Root Development of Field Crops, 1926 hosted by Soil And Health Library.

Root Development of Vegetable Crops, 1927 hosted by Soil And Health Library.

Plant Organ Visualization

We Offer Imaging and Analytical tools to the Plant Research Community for washed root systems and other plant organs as well as non-destructive, in-situ imaging of roots in our artificial growth substrate. Our systems use low energy x-ray imaging technology to provide a 29 micron per pixel image resolution.

Non Destructive Imaging

When plants are grown in our x-ray transparent artificial growth substrate the root systems can be imaged weekly, or even daily. With a complete record of root system development, the same plant can be followed throughout its growth cycle - all the way to maturity.

Washed Root Systems

Send us your field or greenhouse harvested washed root systems for imaging and analysis. Unlike scanner or camera based systems, our x-ray imaging system can see throught the entire root system and visualize the small roots hiding behind the larger roots. We can see the effects of treatments, tillage, root pests and more.

Automated Analysis

Our Automated Analysis Software Suite, RhizoTraits, does it all. Starting with raw x-ray images, RhizoTraits assembles and enhances the images, segments out the root system from background, and separates the roots into size classes. Further analysis allows us to provide total root length and projected area by size class and by depth from soil suface.

Latest Developments

Reniform Nematodes on Cotton Roots
Reniform Nematode Susceptibility Ranking. Grow in soil; wash; image. Our Automated Analysis software does the work for you. We combine root architecture and egg mass information to provide an unprecedented understanding of root and nematode dynamics. Click here to see a detailed white paper describing this technology.
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Corn Rootworm Resistance
Architectural Resistance to Corn Rootworm. A known resistant variety of corn differs from other varieties in its root architecture. Click here for presentation. Image at Right shows a corn rootworm feeding on root tip. Rootworm enters through a pre-existing opening and explores root tip. Click image for full resolution view.
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corn rootworm in root animation
total root length animation, treated vs untreated root size class key
Temporal Signature. When the same plants are nondestructively imaged over time it is possible to plot the trajectory through time of root system architectural parameters. Different varieties or treatments may have different trajectories.
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Minirhizotron Image Analysis original image Minirhizotron Image Analysis segmented

Minirhizotron Image Analysis starts with the original minirizotron image, does root segmentation, and provides metrics including total root cross sectional area and total root length by root size class. Please Contact us to discuss your image analysis needs. Image courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Root Analysis Software
RhizoTraits Root Analysis Software. Our fully automated software begins with the raw x-ray or rhizotron image and ends with a spreadsheet showing important metrics of the plant root system.
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